Nell J. Redfield Theatre Center at the University of Nevada, Reno. Photo from the UNR Theatre and Dance department website

Due to the crippling global pandemic that struck entire nations, one of the most intimate art forms in our modern world has been momentarily put on hold, or so we thought. Rob Gander, a theatre professor at the University of Nevada, Reno realized that all you need for a theatre production is one actor and one audience member. With every theatre professor and student yearning to get back to the stage, Power of One was born.

Power of One is a collection of monologues about the good and the loving times in these actors, now playwrights, lives and one audience…

Tristen Taylor talks to Ian Liberto about his experiences on Broadway, what it takes to be a Broadway star, and becoming a dance professor in the pandemic.

Photo Coverage: CHAPLIN Opening Night Party — Check Out the Cast!

Born and raised in Illinois, earning a musical theatre BFA at Millikin University in Illinois and dancing away on the Broadway stage for 15 years, Ian Liberto (he/him) has suddenly found himself teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno amidst a pandemic. Sharing his best moments, how to succeed on Broadway, and what it is like teaching at the university, Ian gives great insight on the life of a seasoned professional.

After completing…

Tristen Taylor Werner

they/them | UNR’23 | journalism and theatre acting

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